Begin Your Action Plan


  • • Email to schedule your FREE Creative Consultation. We will create a shot list together and come up with an action plan for your photo shoot.

    • After our consultation, we will send you a proposal with a shot list. Once approved, we will schedule a shoot day and time that works best for you. If needed, we will scout out locations, hire outside talents such as food stylists, wardrobe stylists, hair & makeup stylists, prop stylists, and models. These last elements are usually needed for bigger budget shoots and are not necessary for every client.

    • Shoot day. Your photo shoot will be of the more exciting days in your career as we collaborate to get the shot right, just for you.

Once the estimate and plan are approved, we will ask that you sign a contract digitally and pay a 20% deposit to hold your shoot day.
Also, we do want your business to succeed so, don’t be intimidated. Ask about setting up a payment schedule. We want to work with you.


  • • We edit all of the images by adjusting the color, the exposure, and contrast to every image. When you receive the gallery, you can go ahead and start using the imagery for your marketing. But wait.. there is more.

    • When you receive your gallery, we’ll ask you to select your favorite 20 images for further retouching. This process isn’t necessary for every photo, but the results are extraordinary.

    • Lastly, we will send you the final retouched images, which will have embedded metadata that will improve your business SEO. If your interested, ask if we can add some of your photos to your Google Listing. This is another great way to shine online. It’s time to start marketing.

Here are samples of how we improve your imagery through further retouching.

Before RetouchingAfter Retouching
Before RetouchingAfter Retouching
Product Photography - Before RetouchingProduct Photography - After Retouching
Product Photography - Before RetouchingProduct Photography - After Retouching

Let’s Work Together


We would love to work with you on your upcoming project! Send us a quick overview of what you are looking to accomplish, and we get in touch to discuss your project in more detail. From there, we’ll send you a quote with a plan of action, along with costs. We hope to hear from you.