Photoshoot with Mia Nipote Wines

Photoshoot with Mia Nipote Wines in Livermore Valley Wine Country There's a reason why I love photographing wine and the people that make it. It's the passion that follows. When you're working with people who love what they do, it inherently no longer becomes work. In July of 2020, I had

Photoshoot with Mia Nipote Wines2020-08-04T16:09:26-07:00

Journey of a Photographer

My Journey As A Photographer When you come from a small town in the Midwest and you are dreaming of doing something creative in your life, where do you begin? Often people ask, "How did you become a photographer?" well, the answer isn't so straight forward. My journey has been one of

Journey of a Photographer2020-05-11T17:25:49-07:00